Here is why you should choose Mirror Reflections Auto Spa.

The factory clear coat finish on a new car is thinner than a single post-it note.

​​The average post-it note is approximately 3 mils thin. The factory clear coat paint on a new car is around 2 mils thin.​  This is one of the many reasons why you want to hire a knowledgeable professional who is skilled and thoughtful in performing detailing tasks.

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1933 Rolls Royce Phantom II

Professional Auto Detailer Rodney Tatum claying the wheel cover on a 1933 Rolls Royce Phantom II in preparation for polishing and waxing for display and competition at the 2016 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance.

Mirror Reflections Auto Spa provides a luxury service for discerning clients who desire superior quality.  

​​​​The problem with auto detailing today is not that customers expect too much it is that they expect far too little.  Most people are unaware of what a properly detailed vehicle should look like.  Anyone can claim to be a car detailing expert with a bucket of soap and water.  But the title Professional Auto Detailer means more than just uttering the redundant cliché "we'll treat your car like it is our own".  A professional understands and welcomes the skills and attention to detail necessary to deliver superior results.

This car was featured on the TV show, Competition Ready on Velocity Channel.

​​Professional Auto Detailing In Gainesville, Florida

mirror reflections auto spa 

Rodney Tatum is a professional detailer who:

  • knows how to properly inspect your vehicle with you to address all needs and concerns. 
  • has packages to suit your needs and budget, understanding that show car detailing is not for everyone. 
  • understands modern and classic car paint technology as well as all the modern materials used in new cars.
  • uses some of the latest innovations in the detailing industry to insure the best results possible and that the service is performed with the utmost care.
  • can restore your vehicle to a factory new appearance and moving forward take care of your car on a regular basis with a maintenance wash plan.
  • is driven by a passion to always give his clients a breathtaking experience. 

This is one of many cars Rodney Tatum has been trusted to restore and
prep for prestigious events like the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

Low Volume

We operate from a business model that favors quality over volume automotive detailing.  Most of our days are filled with a single appointment.  I put my signature on every car I detail.  However long it takes, for hours or multiple days, my focus is on your vehicle.

Long Term Results

It is the prep work before the wax, sealant, or coating application that sets most detailers apart.  Quick jobs yield short term results.  These results are often revealed after a couple of weeks, after it rains, or when you see your car in direct sunlight.  Our detailing service is built upon providing long term satisfaction, not merely instant gratification.  Defects in the paint are properly polished instead of masked with a ‘make up’ type product.  In addition to always performing proper prep work a high quality protectant will be applied to your vehicle.  You will have protection that last months, not weeks.


I started as an enthusiast, concerned that I would not find a detailer who cared as much as I did about my car.  When you become my client, I will always encourage you to ask questions about caring for your car.  This includes if you are relocating, seeking assistance in finding another trustworthy professional in your area.