The links below are to help provide a more in depth description of what detailing is and its importance.

Your Paint - The Importance Of Detailing And Proper Maintenance

Paint Decontamination - Its Importance In Auto Detailing 

Specialty Services

Headlight Restoration $75

Engine Bay Detailing $100

Rodney's Signature Paint Correction starting at $500

This is a paint correction package reserved specifically for the client with a unique eye for detail and or for severely neglected paint.

Upgrade to a Silica Paint Sealant ($25).

Appointment only.  A vehicle inspection is required before an estimate is given.  A deposit may be required.

The prices listed below are for my home based auto detailing services.  I do offer a mobile detailing option for clients who have various concerns and limitations transporting their vehicle.   I will do my best to accommodate your needs. 

Standard Exterior starting at $150

  • Prepped with a meticulous traditional soap, rinseless, or waterless wash.
  • A 2 or 3 step (as needed) thorough paint decontamination process.
  • ​Use of a dedicated paint cleanser or All-In-One polish.
  • The paint is given two layers of wax/sealant protection.

1 Stage Paint Correction starting at $250

This package offers a greater level of enhancement of the paint condition and provides more durable protection.​  ​Upgrade to a Silica Paint Sealant for $25. 

​​​2 Stage Paint Correction starting at $400

This package is ideal for swirl removal and removing a majority of paint defects.  Upgrade to a Silica Paint Sealant for $25.

Intensive Interior starting at $150

  • The entire interior receives a thorough deep cleaning.
  • Dashboard, vinyl, and leather are UV protected.
  • Headliner, fabric Seats, and carpet is protected.
  • Vehicle is deodorized.

Detailing Services Menu

​​​Ceramic Coatings

I do offer CQuartz Coating options.  The purchase of a paint correction package is required for this service.

Maintenance Wash Package starting at $50​​

A maintenance wash package is available for clientele who have purchased an exterior package which is good for the expected life of the paint protection.